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What to Look For in a Sarasota Medical Spa

If you want to turn back the hands of time, look and feel your best and rejuvenate your body and soul, a Sarasota medical spa might be the answer. But, as with anything in the cosmetic industry, there are good med spas and not so great ones, and it is essential to do your homework.

A quality Sarasota med spa should have an established supervising physician with a significant interest in the day-to-day operations of the facility. This physician may develop the treatment menu, supervise staff and consult on specific cases. This level of oversight is vital to safety, and it is one of the primary reasons that some states require that a licensed physician be involved in a med spa.

You should also look for a physician who is board-certified in plastic surgery. This will ensure that he or she has extensive experience in surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments. In addition, a plastic surgeon will know how to effectively complement the surgical procedures with his or her med spa services.

In addition to a top-rated medical team, a great med spa should have a wide range of premium cosmetic skin care products and treatments. In fact, you should ask a potential med spa what their product selections are and why they selected those particular products to carry. It’s important to find a skin care line that is scientifically proven, and a med spa with an extensive and carefully curated list of facial and body treatments is a strong indicator of this.

At the Harmony Med Spa in Sarasota, Jessica Simone, APRN, and her team use natural approaches to beauty in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Their services include Bio Identical Hormone Optomization, laser therapies and dermal fillers like Daxxify, Sculptra, Juveau and Restylane Lyft. They also offer regenerative skin and body treatments such as Revivamask exosome masks, Peptide Therapy and RF microneedling. They are the top choice for men and women who are looking to improve their appearance naturally in a beautiful and relaxed setting.

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